The SU Experience

Two years ago I was welcomed into a family that came packaged together with responsibility and excellence. I was officially a Jag, and that meant I could finally yell-sing 'I'm So Glad' at the Bayou Classic. Yassss!! I was ready to bodyroll in the football stadium stands with the best of them. I made the intentional choice to start my postgraduate studies in Public Administration at Southern University because there was an opportunity to learn in a context that validated my identity and history as a Black woman. I planned to continue working while going to school, so it was critical to select a learning environment where I didn't have to fight the microaggressions that I battled from 9-5.

The daily operations of being a student had changed so much since I graduated from Fisk University in 2007. There was new technology for just about everything from accepting your financial aid package to gaining access to LiveText assignments. I was completely lost, but God sent the program coordinator to save the day and me. She was there to resolve any issues that I had with learning new systems to figuring out the point person to resolve issues. Once during a snowstorm, she called from home to say that she was working on getting me access to a program that I didn't have. This was the Southern Way. I experienced the same level of care and concern from my professors when I had a really difficult fall semester.

As with any family that you've created or were born into, there will be differences and similarities. The tie that binds us together as Jaguars is the commitment to BE, to Do, to GET by any means necessary. Southern University is more than an aesthetic; it's a verb. It reaches beyond having the best HBCU Homecoming (don't @ me, I don't debate facts) or the baddest band.                                                                                                                                                 I'm SO glad I went to Southern U.

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