Packing Light and Ah Ha Moments in a Mexican Jungle

There's a certain clarity that you get when you are suspended several hundred feet in the air in the middle of a humid Mexican jungle. In that moment, you really only have a harness, helmet and faith in God that your life insurance policy is current just in case you don't make it out. I know that it sounds a lot less fabulous than you were probably expecting of me, but this is how The Politics of Style was born. Yup. Right on a zipline platform.

Wait...what?? I'll explain. In August 2017, I landed a feature on Essence dot com for my Essence Fest curvy girl street style. THEE Essence Magazine! I have loved this publication for as long as I was old enough to read, and I always adored the glossy pages filled with beautiful Black women in the gorgeous clothing. I knew that I had to do something with this opportunity, but fear...

What was I so afraid of? I was also absolutely terrified that every single detail wouldn't be perfect. The thought of being completely vulnerable with strangers made me pause, and concerns about the blogging world being overpopulated just put me in full stop mode.  Yes...the woman who is known for being bright, bold and confident was SCARED AF. I realized that if I fell in that jungle, then the world may never get to experience to fullness of what I have to offer. I had to make a decision, so I left fear behind on that platform in Mexico.

As someone who often overpacks for the shortest of trips, I was confident that for the first time in a long time that my baggage would be light.

Happy Birthday, The Politics of Style!